Fish Dying from the Heat

Fish dying from the heatThere are reports all over the internet about fish dying from the heat in the Midwest. See…of-fish-die-in-the-midwest-due…/deadfish

What happened was that the heat caused the water levels to drop, then the water that was left heated up to a degree that the fish could not handle, and so they died.

So the question is, should you be concerned about your fish in the Heat. The answer is: You should always be aware of your fish and if you notice any different behavior from them, take action.

If you notice that the water in your pond water is getting lower, you need to add more. But DON’T ADD WATER FROM THE HOSE by itself. Water from the hose or tap contains chlorine, which can kill your fish. Water added to a pond should be treated with Dechlor or similar product to remove the chlorine. Our regular customers can order a bottle of Dechlor by phone or e-mail and we can deliver on your next maintenance schedule day.

The bigger fish in a pond are usually the most effected by changes in weather and pond water.