Fish Food & Feeder

Pond Restaurant Fish Feeder “Koi Pond Restaurant”

Our automatic fish feeder provides meals to your aquatic family that you can deliver up to 5 times per day and holds 4 to 6 pounds of standard koi food. Designed to hang above your pond, it drops the food where you want your fish to dine, thus keeping the food fresh for each meal. There is a built-in-sight gauge on the side of the feeder to check on the feed level. The unit comes with an electronic timer and battery. This fish feeder comes in the colors of forest green, champagne silver, and fire engine red (not pictured). The solar panel is not included with the koi fish feeder. It is highly recommended that you additionally purchase the solar panel.


Please note: You can purchase the Koi fish feeder and the solar panel together for $350, which gives you a $5 discount with your bundled purchase.

Please contact us to purchase and order: +1-626-284-5937

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Fish Feeder Solar Panel

The Solar Panel is important for the fish feeder so that it can gather the natural power from the sun to operate the fish feeder. Without the panel, unit battery disassembly is required to charge the battery outside of the unit. Solar Panel is sold separately from the fish feeder, please inquire about purchase.


Please contact us to purchase: +1-626-284-5937

Or email us at:

Mazuri Koi Pond Nuggets Fish Food

Mazuri Koi Fish Food excellent fish food for every day use, hot and cold weather. note: see feeding fish blog. 20 Lb bag