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We offer a wide array of supplies for your pond or water garden.

Aquatic Plants

Our wide-variety of aquatic plants include: water lilies, lotus, bog plants, marginal water plants, and several water grasses including Anacharis.

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We have beautiful fish for your ponds including: a variety of koi, goldfish, shubunkins, Sarasa comets, Rosey Red minnows, mosquito fish (Gambosia) and more.

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We carry only the best brands of nutritional food for your fish including: Mazuri, Aqua Master, and E/A.

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We will custom build our biological filter to suit your water feature’s needs based on its size and water usage. We also offer Ultrviolet and other filtration systems. We have a wide variety of energy efficient pumps that we have found work the best and have the longest life. These include: Sequence muti-duty pumps, Little Giant pumps, Calvert engineering pumps, and Aqua Utraviolet systems.

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Pond Supplies

We can provide you with most any item you need to maintain or enhance your pond from dechlorination to filter baskets, and fertilizer tablets to electronic fish feeders. Give us a call. We have it all.

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