Add Koi to my Lily Pond ?

Cannot have plants in a Koi Pond was the old rule of thumb.

In other words, Koi and aquatic pond plants don’t mix well. This is true on some basic levels; Koi are omnivores, which means they eat vegetable (plants) as well as protein (bugs & grub). Therefore, they will naturally want to eat your plants up (if they can get to them) whenever they are hungry. Any tender growth will be grazed off and nibbled-off by Koi especially. In their attempt to eat they cause all kinds of damage to the plantings. They will also naturally root around (mouth-out and expel soils & pebbles) in the dirt, soil and fertilizer looking for tender plant growth, grubs and bugs. When you see them nose down digging, rooting, through your aquatic pots and water lily containers, it is because they are trying to find a meal. As you watch your pond become a muddy, cloudy mess as they destroy your plants, they are trying to tell you that they are hungry, and this is just how they get food they need.

Also please understand, the Natural Balance of your pond  needs a lot of plants -or- biological filtration (see the following link)“going-green”/ to stay clear and beautiful. This is virtually impossible if the Koi are eating up and destroying your plantings. Balance will not be possible; low plant growth + lack of biological filtration.

Added to this very critical equation of pond Balance (see the following link) is fish load eaten-up & destroyed Koi start out small; small load, small appetite they WILL GROW BIG and in no time your will have BIG KOI will ferocious appetite with big load on pond water = OUT of BALANCE. Koi fish are not allowing plants to thrive to take care of nutrient load coming out of you bigger fish that have grown. Â Your pond looks bad because of little to no plants (eaten-up & destroyed), muddy green & unclear water. I have had a lot of clients call us in and not understand why their koi pond does not look good and I try to explain all this to them.

Do you want a beautifully blooming, balanced Lily Pond as seen below ?

DON’T put Koi in your Lily Pond.

( above: how this pond looks just a few weeks after replanting- without KOI )

Note: Lily Ponds tend to be shallow which is not kind to the koi.

One can break this rule with certain tricks of the trade but it takes time care and diligence to achieve. Stay tuned for exception blog