Echo Park Lake Lotus Bed

LOTUSWith the help of The Pond Company Inc. the Lotus Bed and all other wetlands of the lake have been looking gorgeous for the coming of Summer!

Due to the coming of the Summer Season with the weather warming up, the Lotus Bed has begun to blossom and show fantastic signs of growth this year for the upcoming Lotus Festival in July.





lotus snail removal

The Pond Company crew has been out taking care of Echo Park Lake on a weekly basis for optimization and keeping the park in “ship-shape”. There is quite a large amount of algae and pond-weed growth that is on-going and being taken care of, as well as the Apple Snail population which is also being controlled. Overall, Echo Park Lake has been looking clean and well-taken care of due to the The Pond Company crew. And we have been happy to hear all of the positive feedback from the public that visit the park.