Water Lilies

All of our lilies are rooted & established for your immediate enjoyment and viewing pleasure !

Virginalis Nymphea ‘Virginalis’

A crisp white flower adorns this prolific bloomer surrounded by its dark green lil pads. A valuable addition to your collection of lilies.




Sunrise’ Sunrise Hardy Lily Nymphaea

A healthy grower, this hardy plant is capable of sending up its huge sun-yellow blossoms along with a vast spread of green cocoa freckled pads up from quite some depth. Easy to grow & adaptable to varied conditions such as deep depth and into semi-shade.



Hal Miller’ Hal Miller (white) Lily Nymphaea

Developed in San Gabriel, California from the parentage of the ‘Sunrise’ (yellow) and the ‘Virginalis’ (white) lilies. This hardy lily is a large plant that will grow in medium to deep water sending up blossoms as large as 7-9 inches in diameter.



Chromatella (yellow) Lily  Nymphaea ‘Chromatella’

A hardy favorite that survives all the tests to delight us with its constant floral display of bright canary yellow.  This lily has one of the earliest, most profuse, and longest tuning blooming seasons of all the lilies.  Its olive colored leaves are splotched with bronze markings.



Sunset Lily Nymphaea 

These lilies are a wonderful changeable variety that actually shifts in color daily. From the first day in a yellow-apricot hue, the blossom will change color to a coppery red/bronze. Adaptable & will adjust to varied conditions such as depth, size of container and into semi-shade.



‘Arc-en-Ciel’ Nymphaea

The olive green, frequently splashed yellow, cream, pink, and even red radiating from the center leaves are the standout feature of this truly unique variety. The flowers are shell pink, fading to nearly white on the last day. Flowers are up to 6” in diameter and have a strong fragrance. The leaves may reach 9-1/2” across with an overall spread of 4 to 5 ft. Medium to Large spread; Full sun.



 Colorado/ Salmon










 Marilac Carnella 








See “planting a lily” blog for planting instructions.

Many other varieties available including tropical lilies & Lotus; please give us a call for availability; (626) 284-5937