Planting a Hardy Water Lily

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Planting container:  Find a large pot with a large horizontal surface area for the lily to grow.  Hardy water lily has a traveling root and thus requires ample space to grow to a healthy size.  Although many other containers can be used, we recommend a container with a twenty-inch long growing area and seven inches of growing depth (see picture to the left).

Place fertilizer on the bottom of your non-perforated planting container.  Distribute the fertilizer evenly across bottom of the container. Then place plain garden soil (dirt with no organics or amendments) over the fertilizer placed on the bottom. Slightly moisten and pack soil.

Place lily root in corner/at side of your planting container so that future lily growth is towards the center. Bury root being careful not to cover the crown of the lily (the growing end of lily where leaves and buds are coming out). Gently pack the soil around the root and place small stone or brick on top of root to ensure that it stays planted (again being careful not to damage or bury the growing crown of the lily). Plant anacharis grass around lily container (poking bundled end of grass a couple inches into the soil) gently packing soil to hold down bunch. Moisten and pack soil.  Then top with a thin layer of sand and gravel.

* Replant your lily once every year. We sell the tray pictured with soil and fertilizer complete for $28.75.
* Please call The Pond Company at (626) 284-5937 if you have any questions.