MinnFinn Treatment for your Pond

MinnFinn ProductsWhen you notice that any of your fish in your pond are experiencing stress, external damage to the their skin or scales, or behaving in a strange manor such as “flashing”, etc. it is possible that your pond could have a disease. We highly recommend using MinnFinn to treat all common external fish diseases. MinnFinn is one of the best medicated treatments on the market because it is simple to use (when done correctly) and has a broad range of disease treatments for your fish.

“MinnFinn is good to treat a number of organisms found on the outside of your fish. MinnFinn eliminates PROTOZOA parasites, FLUKES and many external BACTERIAL infections. MinnFinn has effectively eliminated protozoa infections, fluke infections, red sores on fish and bacterial gill infections.” – AquaFinn

Though the treatment is straightforward, we recommend that you have a professional do the treatment, because it should be done accurately and the fish should be observed to make sure the fish do not suffer from any adverse reactions. The nice thing about this product is that it is completely neutralized and safe at the completion of its application.

“All these chemicals are naturally-occurring ingredients that are safe for fish, humans, and the environment, unlike other treatment options using organophosphates (known toxins to animals), or Malachite Green and Formalin (both known carcinogens)” -AquaFinn

Some Facts to know about MinnFinn:
-Environmentally safe, nontoxic medication for parasitic, bacterial, or fungal diseases

-Simple two-part treatment, completely safe once neutralized

-Does not discolor water

-Safe for biological filters

-Application of treatment requires no water changes

We have a line of MinnFinn Products that include, MinnFinn Regular, MinnFinn Max, MinnFinn Mini.